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With an advanced, legal master's degree in taxation, Mr. Kurtz has led our firm to focus on tax-related practice areas, particularly estate planning, estate administration, and business formation and transactions.

We have over three decades of experience providing estate planning for clients with common, non-tax related goals. More commonly, our clients have significant assets that merit proper estate planning in order to reduce or even eliminate estate and/or income taxes at death. We provide complex planning to accomplish tax savings, distribute assets, preserve and pass on family businesses, and streamline the administration process at death.

As our firm has matured, the areas of estate administration have likewise developed into a major part of our practice. We have over three decades of experience in this practice area, from simple probates to the administration of complex trusts and estate-taxable estates. We continue to assist many individuals in the closely related practice area of beneficiary representation.

The firm has and will continue to provide legal in its other, longstanding core practice areas of business planning and formation. This includes joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations (both for profit and non-profit). We continue to handle transactional and operational documents common to small businesses, including buy-sell agreements, commercial property purchases and leases, non-disclosure agreements, independent contractor or employment agreements, and sales agreements. We also provide services in the areas of corporate mergers and acquisitions, tax related reorganizations, and statutory bulk sales.

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